Horizoncompass Counselling Hypnotherapy Coaching and Learning

Sustainable answers and change need time to be discovered and developed through careful attention to your own inner abilities and solutions.

I’m Steven White  and welcome to Horizoncompass.  This is an opportunity for you to consider the the strengths and possibilities of counselling, hypnotherapy and coaching as ways for you to address issues you face and to promote change in your life. I am fully confident that you will find this non-intrusive therapeutic journey both fascinating and very highly rewarding for your self- development and overall well being.

Before you read further it is important for you to know that all my services are made available to you as either combined or  individual offerings.

My my work is focused on helping you access  your inner resources and strengths so you can reach your own resolutions and overcome challenges that  hold you back. Through hypnotherapy, counselling and coaching we work together to sort out your inner conflicts, restructure old habits and patterns to construct future goals and methods so you can fully live your life in a way that is confident, free of doubt, fear and pain.

The power of hypnosis lies in the fact that it provides a  a highly relaxed state where you remain in complete control and enjoy a full and carefree opportunity to focus  without disturbances and distractions. As the process unfolds answers and solutions within your subconscious will have time to come forward  for you to hear, see and experience. With counselling we begin to shape and structure these subconscious notes into resolutions that will provide workable and functional answers for your daily life.

Coaching brings to the moment a framework where you will be able to take your new resolutions and insights out into the world in a structured way so you can experiment and measure their relative success. In subsequent sessions we will refine and tune these newer patterns of thinking and acting
then continue to draw from your subconscious resources for deeper insights and methods.