The challenges and changes we face in our life often touch us in deep and complex ways. Unfortunately, as we go through these moments we tend to react by blaming ourselves with shame, fear, anxiety and self-imposed limitations. Eventually these reactions come to dominate our life. When they do we start reaching out to experts; we look for answers outside ourselves.

I want to propose  a simple yet radical concept: The answers you are seeking are already within you; everything you need – your full potential is already inside you and all of it is very accessible.

I work with individuals to discover these resources. Together we allow these deeply held assets to emerge and move forward so you can regain self-determination, manage personal development and take the necessary time for discovery, healing and change.

Integrated counselling, hypnotherapy and coaching is a process that provides a way for you to live your life more completely. It provides experiences where you are able to understand that the things you are experiencing are not happening to you but happening through you; a way for you to gain control and focus in your life.