Hello and Welcome

My name is Steven White I help people find ways to address, overcome and live with issues that have made their life overly complicated, highly uncomfortable and many times disappointing. Often I work with individuals to answer some of life’s most important questions, gain clarity, and make meaningful change.

My practice is based on one very simple and clear principle:
“You are not the problem – The problem is the problem”

You will soon discover my Integrative narrative based approach combines the dynamics of therapeutic counselling and personal coaching with the power of hypnosis to help and support you at multiple levels of mind, emotion, spirit and body.

As a fully trained and credentialed life coach and counselling hypnotherapist. I have helped individuals facing recovery issues, smoking cessation, sleep and relaxation problems, performance anxiety and stage fright, creativity blocks, business performance recovery, communication problems, values clarification, loss of direction and inability to establish direction, business startups, focus and attention issues, academic improvement and performance enhancement.

Prior to coaching and counselling hypnotherapy I had very successful work experiences in mid- management, business ownership and a career as a educator. Today, I bring to the table a variety of experiences, insights and training which allow me to work comfortably with a wide range of individuals.

My services are provided for those wanting accessible, flexible professional service. If your scheduling is complicated, are commuting, living in remote areas, or in a situation where leaving home may otherwise make counseling difficult to attend, you may find my online services will fit well into your life.

Due to current concerns associated with Covid -19 I conduct sessions online through Zoom. Currently I am accepting individual clients only.