Located in Vancouver British Columbia Horizoncompass  takes a multi-practice holistic approach to therapeutic counselling, coaching and directed learning.  We work with a wide variety of people facing many  difficulties including such issues as:

Stress and Relaxation, Time Management, Academic Learning Problems, Inner Conflicts, Compulsive and Addictive Activities, Relationship Issues, Working Memory Difficulties, Personal Growth and Development, Professional Burnout, Procrastination, Life Purpose, Concentration and Focus Issues, Skills and Ability Enhancement, Career and Business  Development

We offer two specialized services: 1. Helping students facing challenges related to focus and involvement with academic activities. 2. Helping athletes, artists and business executives achieve peak performance, refined skills and excellence while overcoming issues which get in the way of personal, academic, artistic and business success Our goal is to help you with your personal development, improve your relationships with significant others, enhance  your skills and performance so you can be more successful at work, in your career, at school and within your community and society in general.