My practice is based on three very simple and clear principles:
1.“ We are not the problem – The problem is the problem”
2. “We are more focused on external events than internal processes”
3.”Elements of the solutions and answers we seek we already have”

When I think about all the advancements made in today’s services for personal health and wellness, mental and emotional growth the lyrics of a Paul Simon song come to mind, “These are the days of miracles and wonders“. If we look out at all the various tools, methods and apps that are available we might very well conclude we are living in such a time.

However, we are humans and most of us go through life not noticing what is happening inside ourselves. We tend to default to habits and believe the problems and issues we face are isolated events. We seldom see things as a part of a process that has built up over years.

Though I am an accredited Counselling Hypnotherapist and Life Coach I see myself more as an Educator. I don’t diagnose illnesses, nor do I promise to fix and cure all issues. My interest is in educating you in a way that gently moves your attention from the outside world towards an inward focus. This becomes an opportunity for you to notice the patterns in your life. Some of these patterns likely turn little things into large personal issues while other patterns are healthy and helpful. I educate you on how, if you so choose, to change the negative patterns and how to enhance the positive.

My services are available to everyone. If your looking for ways to perform better and achieve better outcomes you will certainly be rewarded with what I provide. I often work with business executives, stage performers and presenters, both recreational and high performance athletes, business owners, designers, educators and students.

I work within these areas:
Reducing general anxiety, and performance anxiety (stage fright)
Addressing life direction and personal values issues
Mastering life balance
Reducing burn out and stress
Reducing communication problems
Eliminating creativity blocks
Improving academic skills
Improving business production
Time management issues
Improving creative performance and sports performance
Overcoming body and confidence issues
Support for injury recovery
Stress reduction
Anger management
Navigating transitional stages