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Integrative Counselling, Hypnotherapy and Coaching brings together different tools and approaches to fit your needs and situation.This selective combination of complementary approaches offer some of the most rewarding methods available.It provides an effective way to help you deal with complex and deep feelings, dynamic ideas and difficult relationships by focusing on the conscious / sub- conscious mind connection, somatic / sensory relationships, personal scripts,internal dialogue and interpretations.

I’m Steve White a skilled and experienced counselling therapist and coach in the Metro Vancouver area. My commitment is to supporting individuals discover effective, positive, and lasting change in their life. I establish an open and collaborative relationship with all of my clients and provide a safe, nonjudgmental and supportive environment. I work with individuals to find solutions to a wide range of challenges and support them to identify and change patterns in their life that no longer work while at the same time focus on their emerging strengths and resources . As a practitioner in integrated counselling and coaching I work closely with you to determine your unique direction in life and respect your right to self-determination, personal development and the time you need to discover, heal and change.


Some concerns I address include, but are not limited to:stress and anxiety, motivation and focus issues, managing life and relationship transitions, and solving inner conflicts self- doubt, self-sabotage and negative feelings.

I provide specialized services to: Performing artists, athletes, business executives and business startups to defuse and overcome creative, emotional and achievement blocks.

I provide specialized support to individuals suffering from extreme bereavement do to the sudden loss of their beloved pet.

My orientation draws from many different theoretical approaches, is strongly informed by current research, and emphasizes the conscious / sub- conscious mind connection and somatic / sensory practices. My approach is flexible and tailored to the individual needs and desires of each person I work with. I recommend reading and other activities that can be done between sessions in order to maximize the benefits in as short a time as possible. I make sure you receive plenty of feedback regarding my impressions so you are able to make informed decisions about your therapy. My sessions are client centered and include a combination of Hypnotherapy, Narrative and Parts Therapy, and Solution Focused Coaching and Integral Practices. I am confident that you will find integrated counselling hypnotherapy and coaching provides a highly effective way for you to discover and maximize your own inner resources and resolutions.


I offer a half-hour consultation at no cost to you so you can meet with me and decide if what I have to offer is appropriate for you. 778-789-2233