My name is Steven White and I combine the power of hypnosis with the dynamics of therapeutic counselling and personal coaching to help and support you at multiple levels of mind, emotion, spirit and body. Let me help you bring balance and well-being back into your life. My philosophy and practice are based on a very clear principle:

“You are not the problem – The problem is the problem”

My services are directed at seperating you from your problems so you have the time, energy and perspective to build a better life.I have helped individuals facing recovery issues, smoking cessation, sleep and relaxation problems, performance anxiety and stage fright, creativity blocks, business performance recovery, communication problems, values clarification, loss of direction and inability to establish direction, business startups, focus and attention issues, academic improvement and performance enhancement.


Together we will explore your relationships, thoughts, feelings, behaviors and the communications which are troublesome and cause you difficulties. We will look deeply and carefully inward at your life story, address past annd present family stories, personal stories and narratives that inform your actions, feelings and responses. The goal here is to reduce negative components and enhance the positive components while introducing new narratives and ways of living that move you towards your desired outcomes and help you put into place new and better ways of doing things on a daily basis.

We will create a space for you to explore your deeper feelings and thoughts so you can arrive at a clear understanding of what drives your life and help you identify what things you can change immediately and what things will take a little more time and work. We will put into place a clear strategy and method for you to bring about change and monitor how you adapt and develop these changes.

Ultimately, we expand this strategy into the various aspects of your life where these changes can take effect. We will focus specifically on you emotial development, your relationships with significant others, your career, vocation or education and how you relate to your various friends and communities.In doing so, we establish ongoing opportunities for practicing newer and better ways of doing things.

In all applications of my counselling, coaching and hypnosis I use Ericksonian conversational methods, solution focused narrative therapy, values clarification an adaped integral coaching model and cognitive behavior approaches. I provide my services online and can accommodate face- to face sessions within vancouver and the Lower Mainland.