Welcome to Horizoncompass 

My name is Steven and I am a Certified Counselling Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and Educator. Please take some time to explore my website to learn more about me and my approach to counselling and coaching .  Should you have any questions left unanswered please feel free to give me a call as I offer  initial phone consultations for free and usually take about 20 minutes.

I offer Individual Counselling and have specialized training and certification in Ericksonian Conversational Hypnosis and Solution Focused Life Coaching. My counselling approach also draws from Narrative, Parts and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy methods.

I touch people's lives  in  three  very  important  ways:

As a counsellor I provide a safe and confidential place for individuals to explore personal issues that are usually uncomfortable and hard for them to manage.

As a coach I support people to  discover and take actions for success and work with them to set the goals and outcomes you want right now and into the future.

As an educator I provide tools for growth and continual learning; ways for everyone to improve and have more success in learning

                                                           Call: 778-789-2233 

                                               horizoncompass @ gmail.com

I work with individuals facing personal, psychological, emotional and learning problems  and those experiencing general dis-ease in their life. I can support and help you gain freedom from the issues, stresses and blocks that limit your life, your opportunities and your achievements.

Welcome to Horrizoncompass where you have the  opportunity to learn more about what I do and discover how you can benefit form my services.