My practice combines the power of hypnosis with the dynamics of therapeutic counselling and coaching for individuals facing chronic stress, anxiety and are unable to relax, or having problems focusing and concentrating.

if you seem chronically blocked and unable to achieve the outcomes you want, having issues achieving success at your work and business, at school, in creativity and relationships, or if or you are facing continual personal problems related to the complexities of life or disruptive situations, my services provide a powerful way for you to address, manage and control your problems. I work with you at multiple levels of mind, emotion, spirit and body so you can experience deep transitional change.

My goal is to assist you to move beyond the blocks and obsticles holding you back in life, to rework and remove old behavior patterns, thoughts and beliefs, relationships, emotions, feelings and communications which are troublesome and cause you difficulties. Our sessions together create a safe and confidential space so you can tell your story and discover and utilize your own inner resources and assets to design a more preferred, healthier and rewarding life.

Counselling helps people to address emotional and behavioral issues that constantly arise in their life to create problems that prevent them from functioning optimally on a daily basis. Coaching, on the other hand, helps those who seem to be living and functioning at optimal levels , but find they need more fulfillment in their lives and are looking for ways to function at even higher levels of achievement and purpose. Hypnosis is a very effective way for everyone to relax and have a break from their inner self- critic. This puts people into a frame of mind where they can discover and experience more possitive and effective ways to live, work and learn. Sound work is a healing practice focusing on internal enery enhancement and flow. It connects the body mind and spirit in a very organic way to rejuvinate, calm and center a person so healing can be accomodated.

My name is Steven White and I invite you to schedule a complimentary call with me to discuss how I may serve to help you overcome issues in your life.