About Steve

Steven White
Steven is an accredited counselling hypnotherapist, life coach and educator. Since 2003, he has coached and worked with executives, business owners and students to achieve higher results in their communication skills, business productivity, academic skills and personal life. As far back the late 1970s, Steven has worked in the area of curriculum and program development and has worked with, supervised and trained artists and performers to improve their communication skills.

Steven is a career educator who has taught students and teachers in all of Canada’s western provinces, and from the late 1980’s to 2002 was a classroom instructor within both the Richmond and Vancouver school systems. He completed undergraduate B. Ed(distinction) (University of Regina) has completed Master’s work in Art Education (Ohio State) and pre- doctorate studies in Education (University of Alberta). He also holds a post graduate certificate in ESL (UBC). Steven`s Life coach certification is from Erickson International College and his counselling hypnotherapist training is from The Orca Institute. Along with his work in education, Steven has extensive experience in mid-level management and supervision. He began his coaching business in Taipei Taiwan in 2003 as a joint- owner of Chapman Coaching and Training where he worked with executives of some of the largest global companies and brands.