I touch people's lives in three very important ways:

As a counselling hypnotherapist I provide a safe and confidential place for individuals to explore personal issues which are usually uncomfortable, confusing, destructive and hard to manage. My approach draws from a number of therapeutic models combining Erickson Conversational Hypnosis, Person Centered Solution Focused Therapy; Mindfulness based Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and Narrative Therapy. I also use different therapeutic tools informed by Parts, Regression and Metaphor Therapy, Visualization / Focusing Methods and Sound and Energy Therapy. I can support you to find ways to obtain freedom from the issues, stresses and blocks that limit your life, your opportunities and your achievements.

As a lifestyle, executive and excellence coach I support people to improve their personal, business, career, academic and athletic skills and abilities. I also work with people to remove blocks in their growth and development and help discover the goals and outcomes they want right now. I use Solution Focused coaching methods that emphasize verifiable results, My coaching sessions are Co-Active in nature, which means I partner with you to negotiate and work out directions you discover are in the best interest of your development and progress. My role often shifts and changes from co-creator, to advisor/ coach to mentor to human resource manager and educator. Along every step of the way I hold an open and clear space to insures every solution grows out of your ideas, plans, inspirations, desires and dreams.

As an educator I provide tools for growth and continual learning -  ways for everyone to improve and have more success in learning both in school and outside of school, as lifelong learners and as learners returning to school after years of being away.I  draw from over twenty five years of classroom teaching and curriculum development, communications and language teaching and ESL training skills. Much of this work has to do with getting you fully functional as a learner and communicator so you can express your ideas in classroom, testing and presentation situations. I work with students with focus and attention problems, adjustment and concentration issues and overall time management problems and priority setting.


I am an experienced instructor/teacher and certified Counselling Hypnotherapist and an accredited Life Coach. My academic credentials include: Bachelors of Education Degree (distinction), Graduate Studies in Education and ESL Certification. My professional training in coaching is from Erickson International and my counsellor training (hypnotherapy) is from the Orca Institute here in Vancouver B.C. I have over twenty years’ experience as a classroom teacher and curriculum developer and eight years’ experience as a personal Life Coach and Counsellor. I have worked directly in coaching, counselling since 2002 and have been teaching in classrooms and community sites for over thirty years.



Client Centered
I provide sessions that are tailored exactly to your unique needs, requirements and situations and offer them in a safe and relaxed environment.

I follow codes of ethics from both of my Counselling and Coaching organizations, which strictly require I guard and protect all your private and personal records in all matters related to my services and our communications.

Anonymity and Agency
I respect your freedom to choose the types of service and support you believe will best help you. For this reason I always provide consultation for you so you have the opportunity to preview and discuss what is needed and also have the opportunity to determine I I will be the best choice for you and you are confident to work with me,

Flexibility and Availability
I make session times available during mornings, afternoons and evenings both weekdays and weekends except on regular holidays and for personal / family events. I also provide my services as a visit to your home or office, through an online Skype platform and by conventional office visits.

Far Reaching
I offer my services locally to Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, in British Columbia and across all of Canada, internationally to the United States and worldwide to Asia and Europe.

I provide one time sessions, weekly and monthly support packages, mixed service packages. I charge affordable fees, provide a sliding scale when necessary and give back to my community with pro bono work.

I love this question don't you?  We can only decide this if you and I spend some time together. I offer free with no charge a first time consultation session. It's a time set aside at your convenience where you and I have a chance to meet and discuss what your needs and issues are and how I might be able to provide a way for you to find the solutions. It's a time to get to know a little more about each other and determine our comfort level together. Generally, first time consultation sessions last around twenty minutes, but sometimes they can go on a bit longer and this is alright.