Steve White is the founder of Horizon Compass Hypnosis Counselling and Coaching a private clinical practice in Vancouver British Columbia. He teaches classes and provides services and resources in Ericksonian indirect conversational hypnosis, mental health counselling and performance and skills coaching.

Steven works with performers, athletes, executives, students and any individual having difficulty managing stress anxiety and fear, facing issues with work life balance, skills development and personal achievement. Much of his work focuses on helping individuals to explore relationships, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and communications which are troublesome and cause difficulties in their life. He specializes in working with people to change their habits,behaviors and responses in ways which allow them to achieve personal insights and awareness, better ways to understand and solve problems, increase their feelings of well-being, improved relationships and life satisfaction.

His personal research focuses on the relationship between the unconscious, subconscious and conscious aspects of the human mind and how these psychological levels work together to form interpretation, motivation and life direction. He also studies how online gaming impacts academic ability. His studies promote the development of therapeutic and medical uses of marijuana, sound therapy/healing and energy healing within clinical and non-clinical settings.

Steve actively promotes and is involved in local, regional and international bicycle touring and is an active member in the B.C. chapter of The Health Action Network (under construction)

A Note About Services

During each session Steven uses a combination of coaching, counselling and therapeutic approaches however each service is also available separately. You may also want to know that even though hypnosis is one of his preferred ways of working it is not used all the time or it can be requested as a stand alone service.

Steven can be contacted directly at: 778-7898-2233
You can send  a message to: horizoncompass@gmail.com

The methods he draws from are very complementary and work well together in an integrated approach is informed by Adlerian therapeutic practices and the modalities he uses include:
Adlerian Therapy
Ericksonian Conversational Hypnosis
Narrative and Parts Therapy
Solutions Focused Coaching
Client Centered Counselling
Integral Life Practices
Focus Oriented Art Therapy

Steven’s training is based in Vancouver British Columbia where he received diplomas and accreditation from:The Orca Institute in Counselling Hypnotherapy
Erickson International in Life and Business Coaching
He has completed studies in Master’s of Education and Pre- doctorate studies in Education and  has extensive experience locally, nationally and internationally as a classroom teacher, private tutor, business communications instructor and an Adlerian lifestyle coach.

He is a professional member of:


Current Readings:

The Art of Solution Focused Therapy – Elliot Connie & Linda Metcalf

The Coherence Therapy Practice Manual & Training Guide – Bruce Ecker & Laurel Hulley

Healing Sounds The Power of Harmonics – Jonathan Goldman

The Art of Integrative Counselling – Gerald Corey

The Ant- Anxiety Tool Book – Melissa Tiers

Putting the Brain First – Melissa Tiers

Focusing – Oriented Art Therapy –  Laury Rapport