Much of Steve’s work focuses on helping people explore their relationships, thoughts, feelings, behaviors and communications which are troublesome and cause difficulties.

He specializes in helping individuals to look deeply and critically at the stories they create for themselves and the stories they use to define their life , behaviours and responses.

In this way Steve works co-operatively with individuals to change their habits,behaviors and responses in ways to achieve personal insights and awareness for  better ways to understand and solve personal problems and increase feelings of well-being, improved relationships and life satisfaction.

He works with performers, athletes, executives, business owners, students and any individual having difficulty managing stress anxiety and fear, facing issues with work life balance, skills development and personal achievement. His services are provided to individuals in the comfort of their own home or office and online.

You will find Steve’s sessions are caring, practical and efficient. On average and depending on the issues brought forward, many who receive counselling / therapy with Steven, do so for 6- 12 sessions.

Steven’s training is based in Vancouver British Columbia where he received diplomas and accreditation from:The Orca Institute in Counselling Hypnotherapy
Erickson International in Life and Business Coaching

He has completed studies in Master’s of Education and Pre- doctorate studies in Education where much of his work focused on how people interpret their life and the world (Hermeneutics). Steven has extensive experience locally, nationally and internationally as an educator,communications business and life coach and is the founder of Horizoncompass Coaching a complementry health service which focuses on the terapeutic aspects of interpriting written, verbal, and non-verbal (Somatic) and sound (Energy) communications.

He is a professional member of: