My Services

Individual Counselling Hypnotherapy

I provide a safe and confidential place for individuals to explore personal issues which are usually uncomfortable, confusing, destructive and hard to manage. My approach draws from a number of therapeutic models and use different therapeutic tools

Relaxation and Centering Sessions

My work involves free association visualizations, self- hypnosis sessions, sound and resonance meditations and chakra point practice. Relaxation and centering  supports you to find ways to obtain freedom from the issues, stresses and blocks that limit your life, your opportunities and your achievements.

Pet Loss and  Bereavement Services

If you feel you are having an abnormal grief reactions to the loss of your pet  my sessions will help you

Individual Lifestyle, Executive and Excellence Coaching

I support people to improve their personal, business, career, academic and athletic skills and abilities. I also work with people to remove blocks in their growth and development and help discover the goals and outcomes they want right now.  My coaching sessions are Co-Active in nature, which means I partner with you to negotiate and work out directions you discover are in the best interest of your development and progress. My role often shifts and changes from co-creator, to advisor/ coach to mentor to human resource manager and educator. Along every step of the way I hold an open and clear space to insures every solution grows out of your ideas, plans, inspirations, desires and dreams.

Education Services

I provide tools for growth and continual learning –  ways for everyone to improve and have more success in learning both in school and outside of school, as lifelong learners and as learners returning to school after years of being away.I  draw from over twenty five years of classroom teaching and curriculum development, communications and language teaching and ESL training skills. Much of this work has to do with getting you fully functional as a learner and communicator so you can express your ideas in classroom, testing and presentation situations. I work with students with focus and attention problems, adjustment and concentration issues and overall time management problems

A Professional Member of:
International Association of Counselling Hypnotherapists



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