It is important for you to know that when we work together, you will always be the expert of your own life and I am simply the facilitator for your counselling sessions. Whether we meet face-to-face or online, I create a respectful and compassionate space where you can safely and comfortably explore personal issues and work on whatever you need to cultivate lasting personal change and a more meaningful life.

As we continue together, we will create an even safer and more comfortable space where you can explore deeper feelings and thoughts so you can arrive at a clearer understanding of what drives the issues you face and how to overcome them.

We will identify what things you can change immediately and what things will take a little more time and work. We will put into place a clear strategy and method for you to bring about change and monitor how you adapt and develop new ways of running your life. As we build a deeper understanding of your situation, it will become much clearer to you that many of the outcomes and answers you seek and already know.

Ultimately, we expand our focus into the various aspects of your world and specifically on you emotional development, your relationships with significant others, your career, vocation or education development and the ways you relate to your various friends and communities. In doing so, we establish ongoing opportunities for you to practice a newer, refreshed, balanced and a better life.