Teaching was my first  passion and it lead me to graduate studies and on to many opportunities teaching at a wide range of grade levels. By the time I arrived Vancouver my focus was entirely on ESL. I have been very fortunate to have a full career in education , teaching within five different school districts throughout western Canada, maintaining two civic supervisory posts and being a head teacher within a large service provider and then to setup and run my own school. It has all been wonderful.

Eight years ago, I was blessed with opportunities to experience coaching and counselling first hand. At that time I was living In Taiwan and busy  with the school my wife and I had  established. I had just finished accreditation in Life Coaching and was working with  global level business executives to develop their communication skills and career development paths. Since then I have gone on to learn hypnosis for therapeutic purposes and Narrative Therapy.

I currently provide coaching counselling and educational services to clients throughout Vancouver and  the Lower Mainland and provide online services to business clients  throug parts Asia.

With  a Bachelor's of Education Degree (distinction) and graduate studies in Education I completed certification in ESL. I received my coaching credentials at Erickson International and my counsellor training (hypnotherapy) through the Orca Institute here in Vancouver B.C. I have over twenty years experience as a classroom teacher and curriculum developer and eight years experience as a personal Life Coach and Counsellor. I have worked directly in coaching, counselling and coaching since 2002 and have been teaching in classrooms and community sites for over thirty years.

Often people find me for three reasons:
1. To improve their personal, career,academic, athletic, creative skills and abilities.
2. To overcome and remove blocks to health, growth and development.
3. When problems become unmanageable, too painful, confusing and destructive


Client Centered
I provide sessions that are tailored exactly to your unique needs, requirements and situations and offer them in a safe and relaxed environment.
I follow codes of ethics from both of my Counselling and Coaching organizations,  which strictly require I guard and protect  all your private and personal records in all matters related to my services and our communications..
Anonymity and Agency 
I respect your freedom to choose the types of service and support you believe will best help you. For this reason I always provide consultation for you so you have the opportunity to preview and discuss what is needed and also have the opportunity to determine I I will be the best choice for you and you are confident to work with me,
Flexibility and  Availability
I make session times available during mornings, afternoons and evenings both weekdays and weekends except on regular holidays and for personal / family events. I also provide my services as a visit to your home or office, through an online Skype platform and by conventional office visits.
Far Reaching
I offer my services locally to Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, in British Columbia and across all of Canada, internationally to the United States and worldwide to Asia and Europe.
I provide one time sessions, weekly and monthly support packages, mixed service packages. I charge affordable fees, provide a  sliding scale when necessary and give back to my community with pro bono work.
I use a combination of Solutions Focused Counselling and Coaching, Erickson Conversational Hypnosis and Narrative Therapy as my core approach. These are enhanced and informed by what is called Integral Life Practices and  Parts Therapy techniques. There are other elements that  also influence my wok including : Art and Creative Therapy, Energy and Chakra WorK, Sound Therapy, Visualization and Focusing  Methods.

I offer three distinct services, so it is essential for you to know what service will best fit your needs and situation: counselling, coaching or learning. Once this has been decided we will have an initial consultation session. If you decide to use my services we will plan session times and begin. All your sessions will be ninety minutes in length.
When I start working with you my first aim is to build a trusting, secure and safe relationship in which you have the time and space to explore difficult questions, make discoveries and have insights. Ultimately I provide you ways to access your inner most strengths, establish a new agenda and narrative for your life. This  will lead to better and more improved ways for you to do things, manage emotions, take actions now and in the future and find better ways to relate to significant others. There will be an educational component in that I teach you how to do a specific thing, such as self- hypnosis, relaxation techniques. Between sessions you can expect that there will be some things for you to do and practice, and because of the Narrative style of my work you will receive a number of written correspondences from me.

When I started using  VOIP / SKYPE etc. there seemed to be next to no one using  this technology as a business and training platform. It was somewhere around 2003 / 2004 when I made my first SKYPE call and have been using it ever since. Over the years it has had ups and downs, but now in 2017 it provides an exceptionally stable communication tool. I have also used various other "in- house systems prefered by various companies and now I am using others platforms along with SKYPE such as ZOOM and GOOGLE Hangouts. In certain situations when I am working with groups or when added graphics capabilities are needed I will use anyone of the various commercial platforms available. Over the years VOIP technologies have gotten much better and now are at the point where they are so good it's possible to use hypnosis effectively online with without any problems whatsoever.


I love this question don't you? Of Course I believe I am, however let's be realistic,  we can only decide this if you and I spend some time together. I offer free with no charge  a first time consultation session. It's a time set aside at your convenience where you and I have a chance to meet  and discuss what your needs and issues are and how I might be able to provide a way for you to find the solutions. It's a time to get to know a little more about each other and determine our comfort level together. Generally, first time consultation sessions last around ninety minutes, but sometimes they can go on a bit longer and this is alright.