Business & Executives

It is important for you to know that my coaching services for businesses and executives are two very different approaches.

Business Coaching
When coaching businesses, I focus on variety of goals, some of which include reviewing and developing strategy, building and improving organization, identifying marketing needs, and boosting the overall performance of a business. My goal is to recognize and help resolve issues and stumbling blocks around many areas of your business.
I take the time to help you visualize and problem solve future issues as they might arise. Much of my work promotes practices, productive team environments and use motivational approaches that provide tools to overcome obstacles. I work in partnership with you to insure growth of your business and solve the business-related obstacles you may face.

Executive Coaching
My services focus on personal development in a way that will lead to improving your company’s bottom line. I work to help your top tier executives achieve personal improvement goals and these can vary from increasing productivity, developing leadership skills, managing staff, improving communication, etc. I focus on facilitating change in personal executive behavior which will ultimately result in achieving their fiscal and corporate goals.