Hypnosis is a very effective way for you to relax and have a break from your inner self- critic. It puts you into a frame of mind where you can comfortably relax and look inward at the resources located underneath your critical conscious mind. Hypnosis can be used to generate new future oriented outcomes, and can be used to reveal currently held beliefs and ideas that are going on unidentified. Hypnosis is also used to go back to points in time where deeper memories and reactions have been learned and stored.

Frankly, hypnosis carries with it baggage from the entertainment world. Through television and now the internet “stage hypnosis” has been seen by many people, and it is from these images judgments have been made. In reality, it is true “stage hypnosis” does exist and when done well it is brilliant and entertaining to watch.

However, there is another form of hypnosis that exists and it is not about entertainment it is about healing and health. It has a long and rewarding career, one which is not shown on television or at parties. Its many forms are applied in medical and therapeutic settings and also used for forensic investigations.

One of the leading practitioners of therapeutic hypnosis is Milton Erickson. His easy going conversational hypnosis was, and still is, considered ground breaking. Ericksonian hypnosis assumes that each and every person is more resourceful than they realize. It maintains a positive point of view that you have valuable skills and strengths hidden deep within and well beyond the conscious level of your mind. Through hypnosis you are able to reach into your subconscious to connect with these powerful and natural resources.

Therapeutic hypnosis places you in a relaxed state which allows your subconscious and the conscious parts of your mind to work close together at the same time. When this happens, you able to address and use heightened levels of concentration enabling you to generate many more options than you ever thought possible.

Most people are truly surprised at how many new choices and insights open up for them. For this reason, hypnosis is often thought of as a “breakthrough therapy” and is used in various clinical and therapeutic setting.

I apply Ericksonian conversational hypnosis as an effective way to facilitate your conscious logical and critical mind to work more in harmony with your more resourceful and creative parts of your mind. When this happens your conscious and subconscious work together in a more unified manner to provide you with more options an answers to help you overcome any personal issues you are facing.

You will find my hypnosis sessions non-threatening and relaxed. As well, it is a place where you can also learn how to use methods of self- hypnosis and how to use it whenever necessary. As much as conversational hypnosis is an effective treatment method, it may not be suited to every one. In such cases I am able to use more direct hypnotic methods to help you relax and focus comfortably. I can also work with you just as well without hypnosis.

I am a fully trained and accredited Ericksonian counselling hypnotherapist. My hypnosis methods are also informed and influenced by the work of Michael White – Narrative Therapy, Bruce Ecker and Laurel Hulley- Coherence Therapy , Roy Hunter – Parts and Regression Therapy, Melissa Tiers – Neurological Plasticity and Ken Wilber – Integrative Life Practice.

Counselling helps you address emotional and behavioral issues that constantly arise in your life that create problems and prevent you from functioning optimally on a daily basis. It is a process of exploration and discovery by connecting you with your feelings so you can gain insights and develop solutions. As a process that deepens over time it enables you to understand the source of your difficulties and how they express in your life. With care and attention my counselling supports you to re-write your story through acceptance and compassion which ultimately leads you to exceptional change.

The single most important benefit of counselling is the fact you are being heard and not judged. My  unconditional  regard, care and respect for you provides a space  where you can freely explore your deep feelings and thoughts, arrive at a clearer understanding of what drives your  life and helps you  identify what things in your life can and cannot changed immediately.

Yes, there may be things that may take time to for you to investigate, but as we work together the path forward will arise and it will be clear and compelling. Most often the path forward requires only subtle shifts in how you see things and subtle shifts in what you do day-to-day. Other times, it requires a dynamic review and accounting and deep effort to look into the things you want to address. Either way, I assure you my counselling is healing, freeing, empowering and it provides many benefits for how you want to live.

Coaching is a series of highly focused conversations about where you are in your life right now and where you would like to be in the future. It helps you to look at your strengths, talents, values and the motivations that underpin your desire to change and move forward. The primary feature of coaching is non- therapeutic and rarely looks at past events. Coaching starts from where you are right now in the present moment and moves forward into the future by supporting you to take actions that will positively influence your future. Many describe coaching as a robust action plan that builds goals to achieve.

Irrespective of your background, coaching can be applied to any aspect of your life and often people use it to change their life or career path, achieve a better work- life balance, improve skills and performance, build confidence and esteem, build personal and professional relationships, improve staff relations, study skills and communication. Coaching is about empowerment, building your confidence and your self-esteem.

My services focus on mental health coaching, life coaching, business coaching, communications coaching, stage performance coaching. I look specifically at process rather than outcome goals.

As your coach I work hard to understand who you are, design programs and practices for you, and support you as fully as I can while you move towards your goals.