Throughout our school years we experience people and situations that set much of the tone for how we will live out the rest of our lives, what jobs and careers we hold and what attitudes we have towards learning, development and growth. For many of us this journey can be rough and filled with many experiences that are not easy  or in our best interest. Nonetheless, the process and skills of becoming a top grade student and maintaining such a high level of excellence  can be learned and developed. However, this is a process that takes time and needs to be fitted to the skill and competency level of each different student.


From the basics of reading and writing to mastering homework, diminishing test anxiety to  learning how to take ownership and responsibility for your own growth and be able to see each and every moment as a learning opportunity takes close careful attention and practice. I work with students to develop these skills by applying a wide range of services from tutoring in various class subjects to counselling and coaching. Each instructional session is designed to help with specific school subjects and test preparation and the overall improvement of marks.

The learning services I offer address the following areas:



Study Skills

Learning Difficulties

Adjustment Issues

Lifelong Learning

Time and Personal Management

Writing / Reading / Conversation

Improvement of marks and grades



Performance Anxiety and Stage Fright

Athletic Improvement

Self- Image and Confidence