Manage Anxiety

My approach to helping you manage anxiety is to use a combination of techniques. What order and how they are used will depend on upon your particular situation and symptoms.

Generally, combinations of the following are used as initial steps:
I coach you to learn: A. Guided Imagery for creating mental images of well-being and relaxation as well as for pre- performance preparation and relaxation. B. Breath Work to release emotions and limiting beliefs, to attain and maintain a constant state of relaxation and to re-tune energy points in your body. C. Progressive and Guided Relaxation exercises to address somatic symptoms D. Self- Hypnosis for achieve relaxation and stress release any time you need to.

Over a number of sessions we engage in conversations about deeper issues and concerns you may have. Many times this creates shifts in perception and ideas that get you around or through your anxieties.

Parts and Narrative Work

Sometimes individuals run into conflictions and indecisions about what to do next. One part is saying one thing and another part the opposite. Parts work addresses such conditions and finds a way to agree, integrate and ultimately resolve these differences. Sometimes individuals are playing the same scrip over and over again in their head or have been informed by the stories they tell themselves or hear from others. Here Narrative re-scripting is used to edit and change the dominant stories you are following.

At any point we may agree that hypnosis would be the best way to proceed. Generally it is used in performance anxiety to: 1. Address any learned behaviors or knowledge acquired at an earlier time and at subconscious level. 2. To sharpen and deepen or to diminish and remove visualizations, imagery and sensory experiences 3. To set post – hypnotic suggestions, that will be used by you at a later conscious level. Hypnosis can be used in parts work and as a way to access previously learned patterns and knowledge attained at a subconscious level.