Whether I am using hypnosis, counselling or coaching the focus is on addressing how you describe your situation and life in general. This “personal narrative” is the script by which you live your life, react and respond, pick an choose. Personal narratives and their related interpretations contain both healthy and helpful components as well as limiting unhealthy components. Both are replayed over and over again and have become unquestioned habits and patterns that either serve you well or continue to raise the same old problems.

Narrative therapy helps you to identify the story or stories that guide your life, identify sources for this story then works to sort out the negative from the healthy components. Often your personal narrative is constructed at a unconscious level and has been learned without you even being aware of it. Traces of this learning are stored at both the preconscious and the unconscious levels of your mind and can be reached by using hypnosis. Unhealthy components of the story can be re- written / re- authored and subsequently replaced with more rewarding and helpful components while the positive components can be inhanced and developed for deeper rewards.