From the office to the classroom,on the the stage and in the the gym, on the sports field to whereever new skills and improvements are needed coaching provides an opportunity for you to rework the challenges you are facing and to build whatever future skills and goals you want to achieve.
As a life coach specializing in  creative, executive, athletic and academic coaching  I work  with people facing challenges to improve their outcomes and achievements while learning new skills and personal insights. Many times I I work "on-site" meaning I go to where you are : the office and board room, studio or venue, on the field or gym. I maintain an "on-call" position with my coaching clients as many times issues and concerns come up in and around performance time.
It is important for you to know that my coaching can be used for a variety of different concerns and focuses. I work with business executives, creative individuals, athletes and students facing a variety of issues that  block and prevent success. Generally you can expect each coaching session to move you forward toward the visions you hold for yourself and the goals you want to attain. This may seem simple, however in reality these outcomes can be allusive and difficult to realize. For this reason I draw from your inner strengths, competencies and resources, and along the way build the foundation and structures for you acquire new skills and deeper insights. Commonly referred to as Forward Focused Solutions Coaching it does not deal deeply if at all with your past. It begins here in the present moment and looks for ways to move you into future possibilities.


No, however hypnotherapy is one of my primary methods of practice so you can expect this to be used at various times during our time together. Most of your sessions will be conversational based (talk therapy) and hypnosis is used primarily as a way to overcome blocks, inspire future possibilities, treat chronic pain and deal with deep emotional issues, and....
Hypnosis is generally defined as an inward focused state of relaxation and imaging that allows both your conscious and subconscious minds to co-ordinate and focus together. This joining of the conscious and subconscious gives you unlimited ways to address your issues  in  multiple  ways. Because it draws from both your critical analytical  mind  and your intuitive creative mind it leverages and doubles the tools you have.
What makes hypnosis and hypnotherapy so vital is the fact it can be used  on  its  own  or integrated  with  other  therapies.  It's primary benefit  is  how  it   gives   you   a   way   to   identify   and  move  past subconscious barriers  and  achieve  the lasting  and  effective change.Hypnosis also initiates and supports behavioural  and emotional change. memory recall, develops creativity  problem solving and flow states enhances athletic and creative performance and unresponsive conditions to traditional medical treatment. Amongst many things hypnosis helps you manage and eliminate chronic pain, insomnia and sleep problems, stress- related symptoms,  fears and phobia, anxiety and tension , trauma and emotional pain, supports healing from short term injury and chronic pain symptoms.There will be times when I will show you how to do certain exercise for such things as relaxation and focusing along with other self- help techniques. Hypnosis is used when we have identified a point where accessing your inner resources would be most helpful, or at times when you are in a position where you are stuck and need harness the power of combining conscious and subconscious thinking. Outside of this hypnosis can also be used to help you envision future possibilities and strengths.
Many reports say it has an eighty-five to ninety percent success rate and the key to making it work is through your unconditional acceptance of using it as  a viable  way  of  working. The best predictors of success is your willingness to become absorbed in fantasy or imagery and focus to  block  out  the  surrounding  world.
No, there are no dangers in using hypnosis, nobody ever gets stuck in a trance, or can be forced to do something against  their  will.  it  relies on  direct  and  indirect  communication,  which  includes  metaphors, emotional tone, imagery and so forth and it certainly isn't mind control



Yes, specifically the stories you hold about yourself and your life. These stories are often informed and created from the things you hear, you read, you are told, you learn and you accept. Many times these stories come from significant others in your life: from family , friends and peers. They also come from popular culture such as the songs and lyrics you listen to, the movies and television programs you watch, the stars and heroes you follow.







Q During hypnosis am I in control or are you?
A. You are in control, In fact, you are leading the entire process and at any time you have the power to come out or go deeper into the hypnotic state, you manage what you see and experience and interpret. I just facilitate the hypnotic opportunity and make sure you are comfortable and focused..

Q. Can you explain working memory?

Q How do I know I am making progress?
A. I provide you with various tools to measure your progress. Progress is measured by how well

Q, How does sound healing work?

Q Am I supposed to do something more than attend sessions?
A Yes, between session you need to be active in trying out new strategies and ways of
doing things. This will guide what needs to be focused on in future sessions and most importantly it gives you first hand experiences with the change process.

Q What is trance work?
A. Trance is any form of hypnotic state. We go in and out of trances frequently and many times think nothing of them. When we work with these natural tendencies we harness the powers of the subconscious mind to arrive at specific insights or results this is trance work.

Q Will I be able to achieve my goals immediately?
A. Some results are easier to achieve than others.

Q. What is Narrative Therapy
A. Narratives and stories inform our life. They are often the foundation for how we see our self and represent our self in  the world. Unfortunately, many of these stories  can contain inaccuracies, misplaced  cultural and group norms and  misinterpretations or reality. When this happens, we get lead down wrong paths and into issues and problems that get in the way of our goals, personal development and success. Narrative Therapy is all about changing these stories so you .....

Q. Can you tell me the difference between coaching and counselling?

Q How long does therapy, counselling and coaching take?
A.Generally it may take up to eight or ten sessions for changes to happen.

Q What is forward focus coaching?
A. This style of coaching helps you look into the future and visualize new possibilities for your life.
Q What does it feel like when I am hypnotised?
Q What is Parts therapy?

Q Are there things I can do by myself?
A. Yes, I will instruct you how to do self- hypnosis and provide you a variety of helpful and effective exercises that you can do at home and anywhere. Such directed learning opportunities are essential as ......

Q. How does Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) work?
A. The goal of CBT is to help you discover new and better ways of doing things, how to react and follow new actions and behaviors. Much of this has to do with changing the scripts and narratives in your life that impact your feelings, interpretations, thoughts  and beliefs and replacing them with more efficient and helpful messages.

Q. Do you hypnotise children?
A. Hypnosis works very easily and well with children, however I do not use hypnosis with children unless it is directly requested by a parent, guardian, physician or authorized agency.

Q What is integral life practice?
A This is a holistic model I have adapted to identify specific areas in your life you may want to work on and change. It is also a very helpful template to monitor your growth and progress.