Developed by peak performance psychologist Dr. Don Green, centering is an exercise of seven steps designed to help performers and athletes channel their energy and reach optimal performance levels. Each step is simple to learn and with constant practice easy to establish as the backbone to your practice and performance routine.
Step One: Form a very clear intention
Consider what it is you want to happen and say it out loud to yourself using clear affirmative words then write it down in clear understandable sentences. This will be what you are stepping into, so only the positives and not what you don’t want
Step Two: Have a Focal Point
Decide on a specific distance away from yourself and a number of degrees below your eye level. Find a tangible object at that range and use it to look at. This is where you will rest your eyes, focus your energy and use as a way to minimize interference from external distractions.
Step Three: Concentrate on Breathing
Begin by looking at your focal point then close your eyes. Start breathing from your diaphragm; in through your nose and out through your mouth slowly and deeply. As you progress you can begin doing this with your eyes open.
Step Four: Release Tension
Scan your body and identify any location where you may be holding tension. Focus on relaxing that area. Take notes of possible areas of concern use them to remind and return you to relaxation.
Step Five: Ground Through Your Center Point
Two inches below your navel and two inches into your body is your Center. Get in touch with that place. If it helps, put your hand there until you get a feel for it. The idea is to feel a solid foundation from your waist down. As you breathe in and out slowly stay there long enough to memorize how it feels; this is your center of gravity
Step Six: Switch Thinking
Remember your clear intention now visualize it. Look at it in minute detail and from different perspectives. Stay with it through complete passages and sections and imagine your whole performance through this visual.
Step Seven: Direct Energy
Sense and direct your energy from within. Grasp and empower your energy by imagining it as a glowing ball, a streaming light anything that intensifies the feeling then focus it up and move into your head and shoot it out through your eyes on to your focal point

The centering process is an essential part of Dr. Green’s work and it is used with other elements for optimal performance. Other areas of Green’s work I will go into at a later date. For now, use centering as a great way to overcome anxiety. It will also get you started on the road to becoming a better performer, athlete, student and business professionals.


Lots of training materials provide things to do and ways to act to make connection with your audience. Perhaps you have tried them and have found, to greater and lesser degrees, some of them work some of the time, but never do all of them work all the time.

What I want to share with you is a very simple and more rewarding technique I discovered not long ago. I call it the “Glow Method” and as simple as it seems I find it much easier to practice and much more of a natural way to make connection and build rapport with your audience especially with those in the boardroom and at smaller venue presentations. What is really nice about this is that it takes next to no effort and it gives you better results because it is using sub- conscious messaging to connect with others.

Here it is and how to do it:
First of all take a few moments to think of someone who is a really good friend of yours. Make sure it is not someone you have or had a romantic relationship with because that will add a bunch of other stuff into the mix. Simply focus on this friend and the memories of all the good wholesome wonderful times you have shared, and all the good feelings you have shared and have for them right now.It can be a loved one or even a pet, someone you have a real close emotional connection to. Thinking of that person or pet will generate within you a very strong positive emotional response. Let this feeling grow inside you, focus on it and concentrate on it. Envision it as happy all-encompassing glow. As long as you can maintain this glow you can let go of the memories and it will remain with you. When you meet your audience they will instantly connect with this feeling – they will notice it. Because this glow comes from an experience of friendship, it will connect. Your audience will be attracted to you – you are subconsciously sending out friendship signals. I know it all sounds too easy to be true, Take the time to set this up and chances are your audience will respond to you in kind. It’s easy, it’s natural and it comes from your own inner resources.