What is Counselling?

It is a process of exploration and discovery by connecting with your feelings so you can gain insights and develop solutions. As a process that deepens over time it enables you to understand the source of your difficulties and how they express in your life. With care and attention counselling supports you to re-write your story through acceptance and compassion which ultimately leads you to change.

One of the the single most important benefits of counselling is the fact you are being heard and not judged. This   unconditional  regard,  care and respect for you provides a space  where you can freely explore your deep feelings and thoughts, arrive at a clearer understanding of what drives your  life and helps you  identify what things in your life can and cannot changed. Counselling is healing, freeing, empowering and provides many benefits for your life.

How it Works

As we progress we take time to monitor what happens as we explore. Every person’s experience can be quit different. For some change can occur quickly and for others change will be subtle and take place over time. You will find yourself experiencing changes in  perspective as you  reconnect with your inner resources, skills and abilities. Much of the progress you will experience will be directly related to your willingness to reflect and continue developing an awareness between sessions. Talking and being heard in a safe environment often brings relief as you begin to deal with issues that may have been buried for a long time.