One of the the single most important benefits of counselling is the fact you are being heard and not judged. This   unconditional  regard,  care and respect for you provides a space  where you can freely explore your deep feelings and thoughts, arrive at a clearer understanding of what drives your  life and helps you  identify what things in your life can and cannot changed.
Counselling is healing, freeing  and empowering and provides many benefits:

Positions you to discover your Life Direction
Assists in navigating transitions in your life
Works to build self- esteem and confidence
Manages the feelings of loneliness and abandonment
Addresses phobia and fear
Reduces compulsive behaviours
Maintains substance abuse management
Works through relationship complications
Diminishes the feeling of being overwhelmed,lost and  out of focus


  • Greater self-acceptance
  • Resolution of inner conflicts and discomforts
  • Release of negative and self-defeating life patterns and habits
  • Development of deeper, richer relationships
  • Successful navigation of times of crisis and difficulty
  • Release of negative and self-defeating life patterns and habits
  • Manage and deal with negative thoughts and emotions
  • Increased capacity to make positive and healthy life decisions
  • The discovery and creation of meaning and purpose in your life
  • Greater self-knowledge, intelligence creativity and self-reliance
  • Connection to your own spirituality and life purpose
  • Generate deeper self- awareness inner wisdom and values
  • Integration of peak experiences and flow states
  • Healing of trauma and stress
  • A greater sense of peace, calmness and focus
  • More happiness and vitality