Our subconscious mind is a rich, deep and diverse collection of beliefs, memories, images and impulses that underpin and infleuence our behavior, perception and interpretation of events. It is many times emotionally charged and drives the moods we feel. It invisably moves us to interpret and discriminate, draw conclusions and to choose one action or feeling over another. When we access the subconscious level we are not restricted by time – we can see things in the present moment just as easily as we can see the past while simultaniously look out into the future.The subconscious is also neutral in its presentation. It generally does not prefer one interpretation, choice or action over another. For these reasons it is a very rich and fertile site where we can pick and choose the best options that cultivate and grow better solutions.

What we call “the subconscious” contains two parts. The first, known as the preconscious is where shorter term memories are kept. It is a vast wharehouse of sorts that provides the conscious mind with the tools it needs to do things automatically. The preconscious mind is free flowing and creative. The deeper part, known as the “Unconscious” is where long term deep memories are stored where lessons from beliefs and behaviours are kept. The subconscious is fully operative underneath our conscious mind. The conscious mind is analytical, critical and practical. It can be stuborn and insistant that the individual act and resopnd in certain ways and by certain scripts.