Sound healing is a complementary health and wellness practice that utilizes wide and diverse range of approaches that are a syntheses of ancient traditions and contemporary ideas. It focuses on applying sound vibrations directly on the body to bring about a state of harmony, balance and healing.

Four essential principles underpin sound healing:
1. Healthy physical,emotional and spiritual states are the product of unblocked energy
2.Like Vibrations resonate and “atune” with each other
3.Vibrational frequencies can fall out “of tune” and can be be returned to a “tuned state”
4.Energy travels through the body and is regulated by chakra points

The therapeutic use of sound proposes our health, body, mind and emotions can be adjusted with the use of various harmonic frequency vibrations. There are many forms of sound healing available from natural”ambient accoustic sounds to manufactured electronic sounds. In my work I use sound bowls and tuning forks, vowel toning and ambient sound awareness.