This program is three months in length. The first two months (8-10 sessions) provide combined counselling, coaching and hypnosis and is focused on developing a resolution strategy for your particular issues. The third month is given over to you for practicing new ways of doing things and discovering how well you can function on your own. During this time I will provide check-in times where we discuss what works and what doesn’t work. At the end of three months you can decide to either continue or terminate my services. I am sure you will find each sessions are caring, practical and efficient.

This is offered as a stand alone service for a variety of purpose. most often it is used in conjunction with counselling ad coaching. I provide limited regression hypnosis within a therapeutic context. I do not, however provide hypnosis for such things as past life regression. It is also not used with clients facing psychotic symptoms, such as hallucinations, delusions or have dissociative disorders, nor do I offer hypnosis to someone who is activly using or addicted to drugs or alcohol. I do not use hypnosis to recover lost or repressed memories or for pain relief. individuals on certain psycho active medications should not have hypnosis.

Counselling (stand alone)
Counselling is provided in two month (eight to ten sessions) four month (sixteen to twenty sessions) six month (twenty-four to thirty sesson) blocks. As in all my servics, counselling is completely client centered and focus on discovery rather than diagnosis.

Personal Life Coaching (stand alone)
Offered as a four month (sixteen to twenty sessions) or six month program (twenty-four to thirty sessions) All coaching is future goals, values and solutions oriented. `

Business Coaching (stand alone)
Offered as a four month or six month program or contracted ongoing sessions for
International and global communication coaching …..

Academic Communications Coaching (stand alone)
Offered as an ongoing contracted to select students and educators. I work with students to develop their reading, writing, research and presentation skills. For educators I provide my serveses to deal with and overcome issues associated with teaching and curriculum development.

Performance Enhancement (stand alone)
For performers, athletes and anyone facing the stresses of public performance and accountability where performance anxiety is a block and problem for achieving goals and outcomes.